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Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - September 16th, 2013

No, I'm not dead, I haven't abandoned Newgrounds, in fact, I visit it almost daily.
For those of you wondering why there was this loooong break (almost an entire year) since the last post, let me explain.

The various reasons of my inactivity include school, me helping out my family with their restaurant, lazyness and a few other minor reasons. Since I started school, a lot of the time I usually invested in game and music making, has gone to game and music projects for my school. Also, since we now own a little restaurant I have to help out, which means that my free time, even when I have semester holidays, is extremely limited. On top of that, my programming buddy MonoFlauta has taken up two careers at his school, and now he, too, has his hands full. So, the next game we'll release might take a while.
Despite all our restrictions, though, we decided to remake Shark Antennas Co. Worlds from scratch and are working on another game project first.

For all of you that are rather interested in my music, check out the music demo below. I've collected some newer and older unfinished songs on my hard drive and thought I might share them with you. Some of them may or may not be released at some point. Until then, please bear with my slow ass, you silly gooses. Luv y'all.


Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - October 25th, 2012

Random Unfinished Music Demo. Yup.

Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - February 25th, 2011

.......... LATEST NEWS ..........
Check out the facebook page for more news and upcoming projects!
.......... FINISHED PROJECTS ..........
GAME Bunnie & Clyne --- (Play the Game!)
GAME Pyroscape 3 --- (Play the Game!)
GAME Headbanging Hero (Game Jam #4) --- (Play the Game!)
GAME Shark Antennas Co. (Game Jam #3) --- (Play the Game!)
MOVIE 5 Second Collab (by ForNoReason) --- (Watch it here!)

Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - February 20th, 2011

Oh my goodness!

From Friday till Sunday, MonoFlauta and I worked continuously on our game for the third NG Game Jam! Give it some nerdy love :D

It was MonoFlauta's first try with a completely new game engine and my first team project that has been ever released. Let's see if you can find all medals ;)

Shark Antennas Co. - Game Jam #3 GAME

Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - February 11th, 2011

Phew... I'm really into projects right now. Since the day I was asked by MonoFlauta to make some music for his upcoming games Pyroscape 3 and Valerio's Circus, which by the way are my first two projects in a team, I couldn't stop myself from working on more projects. I'm addicted.
Below is a list of projects that I'm working/collaborating on/in:


- Pyroscape 3 (by MonoFlauta and FroNickProductions)
If you haven't played the Pyroscape series yet, go check them out here and here.
The third one is coming out soon. So keep an eye out for it ;)

- Valerio's Circus (by MonoFlauta featuring Jacco as the Artist and probably RedHarvest and Fro)

- The Greatest Orb 4 (by MonoFlauta)

My part was to create exclusive music for all games. To show you how they turned out check out the 'Song Demo' below!

Other than that I'm also working on some Solo projects but knowing myself those will take a long time to finish. I'm lazy sometimes, you know? Anyway, below you can see the projects I'm working on.


- A Hedgehog's favorite Sponge (my first animation ever, below's a screenshot)
- and some more animations which I'm not revealing right now, I can only say two were failed MovieJam entries and one is based on a personal experience


- Puzzle Book: Number Four
- Remake of Puzzle Book: Number One and Two

Stay tuned!

So... many... projects!

Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - January 7th, 2011

Hey newgrounds,

after several weeks and months of work I present you the third Puzzle Book!
You can check it out by clicking the link below!

Puzzle Book: Number Three Game

If you compare this release with my older releases you'll notice a major improvement in design and layout, not to mention the puzzles. They are kinda easier in this release. But well, that's my opinion. Maybe you see it different.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have fun solving!

Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - December 8th, 2010

Hey newgrounds,

are you ready for more? Ready for more brainteasing and brain-twisting puzzles and riddles? Then stay tuned for "Puzzle Book: Number Three" that is NOW officially in the making!

To calm you down a bit so you can sleep calmly at night I'll tell you some features that'll be included in the third book:

--> 25 puzzles, and maybe some hidden ones, full of mysteries.
--> There will only be one hint as a help. The puzzles will be easier though, don't start crying.
--> If you grow desperate you can now buy the solution, meaning, you will skip the current level and get the right solution immediately.
--> New Main Theme, Instructions Theme and Puzzle Theme
--> Instructions on how to play the game right at the beginning before playing the actual game.
--> The book will be blue!
--> Improved Design and Layout.

Until the game is released, though, it'll take a lot of time. I've never thought inventing puzzles could be that hard... Not to mention that I have to put the code in it with my lousy programming skills... What a pain in the buttocks.

Anyway, I've included a preview image below this post.
Hope to see you in the third Puzzle Book!

- funandmore

Puzzle Book: Number Three in the Making!

Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - October 1st, 2010

Hello to all newgrounders,

the second Puzzle Book chapter is already in the works and it looks great, well, in my opinion. I'd like to thank everyone who spend some time on reviewing and giving me constructive criticism on the first Puzzle Book chapter. It really helped, seriously.

As a thank you, you can submit your own invented puzzle to me, once the game is out, of course! If you're a lucky candidate, your puzzle will appear in the next chapter which would be the third one. More information will be in the upcoming game. Until then, stay tuned for Puzzle Book: Number Two for now!

About the game itself:
- Music Control is much better now. It won't repeat playing after clicking "Play" twice.
- Instead of the annoying typing method, you'll be able to click on "Hint Buttons" in the future.
- Some answers to puzzles will now be clearer and easier to understand as in part 1.
- This time, a female character will guide you through every puzzles and give you hints when you're in need of them.
- Instructions should be easier to understand now.
- New music has been added for the second part.

What regards the music on my channel, there will be new songs sometime soon.

Anyway, the game could take a while until its release. Therefore, be patient and wait or play other games meanwhile. Till next time!

- funandmore

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