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No, I'm not dead, I haven't abandoned Newgrounds, in fact, I visit it almost daily.
For those of you wondering why there was this loooong break (almost an entire year) since the last post, let me explain.

The various reasons of my inactivity include school, me helping out my family with their restaurant, lazyness and a few other minor reasons. Since I started school, a lot of the time I usually invested in game and music making, has gone to game and music projects for my school. Also, since we now own a little restaurant I have to help out, which means that my free time, even when I have semester holidays, is extremely limited. On top of that, my programming buddy MonoFlauta has taken up two careers at his school, and now he, too, has his hands full. So, the next game we'll release might take a while.
Despite all our restrictions, though, we decided to remake Shark Antennas Co. Worlds from scratch and are working on another game project first.

For all of you that are rather interested in my music, check out the music demo below. I've collected some newer and older unfinished songs on my hard drive and thought I might share them with you. Some of them may or may not be released at some point. Until then, please bear with my slow ass, you silly gooses. Luv y'all.


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