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Games and Movies Progress

Posted by FuNaNdMoRe - February 25th, 2011

.......... LATEST NEWS ..........
Check out the facebook page for more news and upcoming projects!
.......... FINISHED PROJECTS ..........
GAME Bunnie & Clyne --- (Play the Game!)
GAME Pyroscape 3 --- (Play the Game!)
GAME Headbanging Hero (Game Jam #4) --- (Play the Game!)
GAME Shark Antennas Co. (Game Jam #3) --- (Play the Game!)
MOVIE 5 Second Collab (by ForNoReason) --- (Watch it here!)

Comments (6)

That much?

Awww yeah.

I wish i could help with one. :(

Sorry but at the moment no help is needed. Thanks anyways :)

This is not related to your post in any way, but I just wanted to say that I am in love with your music! That, and I think you are one seriously talented guy, haha. :)

Haha, thank you, I'm very honored. :D

I've checked out some of your music as well as some of your art and I must say you're pretty talented, too. I wondered why you haven't been scouted yet but it's probably because you don't have a lot of art to judge on right now. Your music was also great, in fact I liked it.

By the way, I've recommended you to the Art portal because you show promise. Be sure to submit some more art and music, of course. Good luck and keep 'em coming! ;)

Your work is wonderful and I'm loving every submission. :) Forgive me for not writing reviews, I'm not too talented in that sort of thing. > < Just thought I would tell you that I look forward to hearing your music everyday and I can't wait to see your future work. <3 I wish you luck with all of your endeavors!

Again, thank you very much. :) I really appreciate your support.

After hearing :Saving You:, I was really into your music. You've seriously got some skills in the orchestral genre. It sounds very professional.

All the best from my side aswell, keep up the good work!

........ : O OMG. I just realized I commented on this before! LOL and I never saw your comment back! Lulz! XD

Well, I haven't added any news since then, just updated this one sometimes :)


It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Fridaahaay.