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The voice acting in this was hilarious! When the Russian guy and the guy with the suitcase joined in on the conversation, I completely lost my shit.

As an artist myself, I must say this was just a treat to watch. Great choice of colors, simple and yet very expressive backgrounds, not to mention the neat artstyle and fluid animation. I really liked how another brush was used for the idea visualisations of the conversation. I can see that a lot of thought went into this.

Why in the fucking world does this movie have a score of >3.5? Seriously, come on!

Dude, this is high quality entertainment. There wasn't a second that bored me in this episode.
I'm really starting to like this series. Great music choice, voice acting, animation and storytelling.
Splendid job. Can't wait to see episode 5!

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For the limited time you had on making this, it turned out pretty nice. Art is clean and simple, music fits the minimalistic style well and the game mechanic is quite fun.

Personally, I would've put the indicator that switches the color of the balls somewhere else instead of on the skull since it's something that affects the whole area and not the skull itself. In the instructions, you forgot to mention that the skull reaches farther by holding down the mouse button or spacebar longer.

Other than that, it's a neat little game jam entry!

Really fun game with great variety. I found myself enjoying it for quite a while.

One thing that stood out for me was the recoil when you get a powerful weapon pickup. It was a nice little touch. The sound of an enemy ship exploding mixed with the recoil of your shots felt really good. Also, the music went along great with the overall art style of the game.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Glad you enjoy it! :)

The story alone deserves a full five-star rating for me. I really enjoyed the game, really challenging and fun to play. By far one of my favorite Game Jam 8 entries!

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanx bro!

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Too bad we couldn't use it for the Game Jam. Really enjoyed this tune.

This song has a calming effect on my soul, man. Well chosen title.
I love you.

This song is the cure for cancer.

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